Roof Replacement - What Type of Underlayment Should You Use?

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If you want to save some money for a roof replacement, look into a roof replacement instead. Often times, a simple layer of shingle will do the trick when it comes to replacing a roof. However, it's not always the case. Sometimes, when you're dealing with older, shingled roofs, the damage may be extensive and require a more extensive repair process. A professional roofing contractor can help in this situation by re-roof your roof. Read this article to learn more.

Roofing experts will often tell you that it's best to replace old, damaged roofs with new ones rather than just replace single shingled roofs. This is because there are many more layers to a new roof than there are to a thin layer of asphalt shingling. It's also true that when the layers are thicker, water will run more easily through them, which will cut down on your overall cost of the roof replacement project. Because there's no tear away, re-roofing can often go much quicker and be less costly than a full roof replacement.

A roof replacement could end up costing a lot more if you have to replace a section of the roof. If your old leaky roof wasn't caused by ice or water exposure, it might have been caused by a metal roof coating that has dissolved. In such cases, it's necessary to get rid of the entire metallic roof along with the old underlayment. The same is true for an old asphalt shingle roof that's been bent. You'll need to get rid of the underlayment too, and this could cost you quite a bit of money if the area needs to be cleared.

Roof replacement isn't just about removing old shingles and replacing them with new ones. Sometimes, older roofs will have been damaged by hail or high winds. In such cases, you'll need to remove the entire roof and replace it with new ones. Even in situations where hail didn't damage the roof at all, you may find that your roof is slightly delaminated. This can be avoided by using a high quality roof coating to protect against further deterioration from the elements.

Finally, in most cases roof replacement is needed because the original asphalt is starting to wear down. You can avoid having to replace your roof with a synthetic product like acrylic, but the real issue is simply getting some better underlayment to go with it. Asphalt is extremely dense and its elasticity depends upon its chemical make up, so adding some filler to the underneath surface of the shingle will make a big difference in the life of the roof.

The right underlayment can mean the difference between a quick replacement and a long, drawn-out project that cost more than it's worth. Densely packed with moisture-repelling chemicals, granular underlayment quickly absorbs the moisture that's caused by rainfall or snowfall, leaving your roof free and clear for a long, clean break. And best of all, it's one of the most inexpensive roof replacement options available today. See credentials of Victory Roofer here!

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